Disclaimer: I am not an expert in git-annex.


I have cloned the git-annex repos on my laptop, and use it to push on amazon s3. So far, everything was working fine.

Recently, I made some changes on my local repos, and synced it (or I thought I did) to Amazon, by doing the following procedure:

git commit
git annex sync

Note: I wanted to do git annex sync --content amazon after the commit, according to our procedure, but it failed (see https://github.com/spine-generic/data-multi-subject/issues/18).

So I went ahead, and opened the PRs on Github, and then rebased+merged them on master.

After merging, I went back to another local copy of the repos (on compute canada cluster), and did the following:

git pull
git annex get

But I was not able to retrieve the data that were recently pushed (or that I thought I pushed) from my laptop. For example, I get the following error message:

[jcohen@gra-login3 data-multi-subject]$ git-annex get sub-cmrra02/anat/sub-cmrra02_T2w.nii.gz 
get sub-cmrra02/anat/sub-cmrra02_T2w.nii.gz (not available) 
  Try making some of these repositories available:
    5cdba4fc-8d50-4e89-bb0c-a3a4f9449666 -- julien@julien-macbook.local:~/code/spine-generic/data-multi-subject

  (Note that these git remotes have annex-ignore set: origin)
git-annex: get: 1 failed
[jcohen@gra-login3 data-multi-subject]$ git remote

If it could be of any help, the full context is available in this Github issue.

Thank you for any help you might provide,