I'm trying to create an S3 special remote with git annex using the following command:

git annex initremote snd-2020-51-in-progress type=S3 encryption=none public=yes host=s3.ki.se bucket=snd-2020-51-in-progress protocol=https requeststyle=path

The result is the following:

initremote snd-2020-51-in-progress (checking bucket...) (creating bucket in US...) git-annex: HttpExceptionRequest Request { host = "s3.ki.se" port = 443 secure = True requestHeaders = [("Date","Tue, 13 Apr 2021 23:21:41 GMT"),("Authorization",""),("x-amz-acl","public-read")] path = "/snd-2020-51-in-progress/" queryString = "" method = "PUT" proxy = Nothing rawBody = False redirectCount = 10 responseTimeout = ResponseTimeoutDefault requestVersion = HTTP/1.1 } (InternalException (HandshakeFailed (Error_Protocol ("certificate has unknown CA",True,UnknownCa)))) failed

When I access the S3 bucket using awscli, I use the "--no-verify-ssl" option:

aws s3 ls s3://snd-2020-51-in-progress/ --no-verify-ssl --endpoint-url https://s3.ki.se

I haven't found anyway to disable ssl verification with git annex. Is this possible? If not, is there any work around?


Best, Joe