I'm trying to find a way of syncing data across multiple platforms, including an android device. The latter I want to sync the data so that it's on the devices SD filesystem and independent of network. As far as I can tell git-annex's client is the only one that can do this, all other self hosted storage clients I've found are only network viewers (owncloud, seafile), which is no good to me. I want to sync my ABC sheet music collection onto it, viewable independent of network access, updating changes automatically. Other parts of the data set (i.e. large collection of cannon cr2 raws), I want synced between my laptop and desktop.

I've set up git annex with a central git repo and another client directory which syncs fine to the server (set as a 'full backup'). Now I want to download this whole archive onto the android device. I've set up the client on the device and it works and will upload to the server, however I can't see any way of getting it to download. Surely git-annex has the capability to pull data?