I still don't like repeated name inside each symlink.

I enabled every tunable I found to make it sane for me: ./git/annex/objects/xxx/SHA256-.../SHA256-... I expect to have no more than 1.000.000 files which I care about even if I live till 100 years, which nicely fit into performance window of filesystem of 4096 folders with 5000 files each. I don't care about readonly files -- I have BTRFS snapshots and weekly backups for the case of unintentional disaster and corruption of some files till SHA don't match anymore. I don't care about nice distributed lock-free mechanics of git annex -- I always commit each new annex file as separate commit and don't mess with scripting git write operations in my repo. What I care is symlinks length -- to fit into my screen width in terminal file manager, repo performance and underlying git repo size -- all of which are dependent on the length of path till the real file.

What I found reading git-annex forum/todo/bugs and datalad issues for two month -- all are old discussions, ideas and maybe obsolete plans. I even found somewhere proposal for single-lock model of working for git-annex.

  • https://git-annex.branchable.com/design/new_repo_versions/
  • https://github.com/datalad/datalad/issues/32

Yet what I did not found is the status of the idea to add such tunable to git-annex. Deadly unsafe tunable to drop nested SHA-SHA folder would totally satisfy me -- and I would immediately go writing scripts to replay whole my git history onto the freshly initialized git-annex with new symlinks. Especially if waiting for "more safe" single-lock git-annex w/o SHA-SHA may take years.

So, what is the status of plans? Do you have any idea how many years (or month?) left to wait until the idea will brew enough to become vital and git-annex codebase transforms into more suitable state to implement such tunable?