So I'm liking git-annex alot but trying to setup something up by using the webapp wasn't very successful.

I have serverA machineB laptopC laptopD

Now what I want to setup is:

serverA machineB repo repo

Basically I want A and B to constantly sync with each other for a fullbackup repo on each. But I also want both A and B to have the full checkout local.

Then I have C and D just be clients and pull whatever they need from A or B.

What I've gotten working atm: On A I setup the repo(not bare - I want access to the contents)). On B I ran a clone from A. That way B always syncs to A.

Setup both repos to be fullbackup. I've tried to setup A to also sync from B but the webapp fails at doing it - and when I retry it fails again but this time with an error in the log that the remote already exists.

Would I need to setup things manually for this scenario? Or is it not even possible?

Do I just setup a normal remote? Or will this loop break things?

When I'm done setting it all up I'd like to have the assistant running on both systems to do the syncs for me.