I am looking into using git-annex to sync my Music between 3 sources: desktop, laptop, backup, but I'm not sure if this will work ok.

I notice on the wiki that: "Normally, the content of files in the annex is prevented from being modified. That's a good thing, because it might be the only copy, you wouldn't want to lose it in a fumblefingered mistake."

But most music players will download artwork, and some of course will dynamically modify/rename files according to meta data. And I may be downloading and/or playing music on both the desktop and laptop. So obviously I wouldn't want to be manually unlocking individual files here. It would kinda interrupt the music listening experience. So how would this work?

I am assuming that I would always have to do a git annex add .mp3 .flac *.jpg before doing a git annex sync. But can I just keep everything unlocked? Any side effects here? Will this work or should I just use rsync?