Hello, I started using the "wanted" feature of git-annex.

I have (besides others) one local repository ("neon"), and two special remotes "ldk" (rsync) and "storage" (directory).

"wanted" and "group" are configured as (replaced UUIDs with names):

group "storage" = backup
wanted "storage" = standard
wanted "neon" = (exclude=pictures/* and exclude=video/*) or present

Now, let's assume there is a file named "video/foo.mp4". It is only present in "ldk". I want it to be present in "storage", too.

When I run "git annex sync --content" on "neon" the file "video/foo.mp4" is neither fetched to be placed in "neon" nor in "storage".

Which command do I have to run to transfer the file "video/foo.mp4" from "ldk" to "storage" when run from "neon".

Previously, I started with "git annex get `git annex find --not --in storage`" and then continued with "git annex copy `git annex find --not --in storage` --to storage". I was hoping that the wanted feature would simplify this.