When I run git annex info, it stops to ask me for "local annex keys":

$ git annex info
repository mode: indirect
trusted repositories: 0
semitrusted repositories: 3
        00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001 -- web
        1xxxxxx7-6xx1-4xx1-8xx8-5xxxxxxxxxx1 -- here (usbdisk)
        bxxxxxx6-bxxe-4xx2-bxxe-fxxxxxxxxxxf -- origin (local)
untrusted repositories: 0
transfers in progress: none
available local disk space: 36.25 gigabytes (+1 megabyte reserved)
local annex keys: 

What are these "local annex keys"?

Edit: Ah! it wasn't asking me anything, just echoing my keystrokes. It was counting keys stored in the annex, and taking a while. Sorry for the noise!

local annex keys: 19586
local annex size: 33.96 gigabytes
annexed files in working tree: 19814
size of annexed files in working tree: 35.12 gigabytes
bloom filter size: 16 mebibytes (3.9% full)
backend usage: 
        SHA256E: 39400