Hi there,

If I use a preferred content expression like the following:


it does not work in commands like git annex get --auto.

But the following works:


Here is a short bash script that can be used to recreate this issue:

mkdir annexA && cd annexA
git init && git annex init
git remote add annexB ../annexB

mkdir ../annexB && cd ../annexB
git init && git annex init
git annex wanted . "include=subdir/*"
git remote add annexA ../annexA

cd ../annexA && mkdir subdir
echo "lorem ipsum" > subdir/test.txt
git annex add . && git annex sync

cd ../annexB && git annex sync
git annex get --auto

I'm using Git 2.28.0.windows.1 and git-annex 8.20200815-g335aae266.