My current setup is:

  • "work" in my computer, client group
  • "backup" rsync.net also in client group
  • glacier in full archive group

My intention was to have rsync.net to be my live backup, from which I could pull the whole repo in case of disaster. I expected when I moved a file to "archive" in my computer this would be reflected in rsync.net and once it been archived on glacier both files (my computer and rsync) would be dropped.

That did not happen, through the assistant. I watched the file uploaded to glacier but it never dropped my copy. Actually when I stopped the assistant git annex drop --auto it drops the file. But if I start the assistant again it starts downloading from rsync.net.

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying? Maybe if rsync.net was in trasfer group, but then again without being able to run git annex sync on rsync.net side (which actually supports git commands) I don't know if would work...