git-annex 10.20240227 released with these changes

  • importfeed: Added --scrape option, which uses yt-dlp to screen scrape the equivilant of an RSS feed.
  • importfeed --force: Don't treat it as a failure when an already downloaded file exists. (Fixes a behavior change introduced in 10.20230626.)
  • importfeed --force: Avoid creating duplicates of existing already downloaded files when yt-dlp or a special remote was used.
  • addurl, importfeed: Added --raw-except option.
  • stack.yaml: Update to lts-22.9 and use crypton.
  • assistant, undo: When committing, let the usual git commit hooks run.
  • Added annex.commitmessage-command config.
  • pre-commit: Avoid committing the git-annex branch (except when a commit is made in a view, which changes metadata).
  • Pass --no-warnings to yt-dlp.