git-annex 10.20240430 released with these changes

  • Bug fix: While redundant concurrent transfers were already prevented in most cases, it failed to prevent the case where two different repositories were sending the same content to the same repository.
  • addurl, importfeed: Added --verifiable option, which improves the safety of --fast or --relaxed by letting the content of annexed files be verified with a checksum that is calculated on a later download from the web. This will become the default later.
  • Added rclone special remote, which can be used without needing to install the git-annex-remote-rclone program. This needs a forthcoming version of rclone (1.67.0), which supports "rclone gitannex".
  • sync, assist, import: Allow -m option to be specified multiple times, to provide additional paragraphs for the commit message.
  • reregisterurl: New command that can change an url from being used by a special remote to being used by the web remote.
  • annex.maxextensions configuration controls how many filename extensions to preserve.
  • find: Fix --help for --copies. Thanks, Gergely Risko
  • Windows: Fix escaping output to terminal when using old versions of MinTTY.
  • Added dependency on unbounded-delays.