git-annex 10.20240531 released with these changes

  • git-remote-annex: New program which allows pushing a git repo to a git-annex special remote, and cloning from a special remote. (Based on Michael Hanke's git-remote-datalad-annex.)
  • initremote, enableremote: Added --with-url to enable using git-remote-annex.
  • When building an adjusted unlocked branch, make pointer files executable when the annex object file is executable.
  • group: Added --list option.
  • fsck: Fix recent reversion that made it say it was checksumming files whose content is not present.
  • Avoid the --fast option preventing checksumming in some cases it was not supposed to.
  • testremote: Really fsck downloaded objects.
  • Typo fixes. Thanks, Yaroslav Halchenko