git-annex 10.20240701 released with these changes

  • git-annex remotes can now act as proxies that provide access to their remotes. Configure this with and the git-annex update proxy command.
  • Clusters are now supported. These are collections of nodes that can be accessed as a single entity, accessed by one or more gateway repositories.
  • Added git-annex initcluster, updatecluster, and extendcluster commands.
  • Fix a bug where interrupting git-annex while it is updating the git-annex branch for an export could later lead to git fsck complaining about missing tree objects.
  • Tab completion of options like --from now includes special remotes, as well as proxied remotes and clusters.
  • Tab completion of many commands like info and trust now includes remotes.
  • P2P protocol version 2.
  • Fix Windows build with Win32 2.13.4+ Thanks, Oleg Tolmatcev
  • When --debugfilter or annex.debugfilter is set, avoid propigating debug output from git-annex-shell, since it cannot be filtered.