git-annex repositories are often kept private, but here's a list of some of the public repositories that you can clone to try out git-annex.

    git clone
    Various downloads of things produced by Joey Hess, including git-annex builds and videos.

  • debconf-share (currently unavailable via IPv4)
    git clone
    DebConf Media, photos, videos, etc.

  • conference-proceedings
    git clone
    A growing collection of videos of technology conferences. Submit a pull request to add your own!

  • ocharles's papers
    Lots of CS papers read by Oliver.

  • rejuvyesh's papers
    Quite a few AI papers read by rejuvyesh

  • MRI brain scan data
    git clone studyforrest
    High-resolution, ultra-highfield fMRI dataset on auditory perception.

  • gst-integration-testsuites
    GStreamer integration testsuite media assets management

  • ccc-media-annex
    git clone
    git-annex repository using the CDN of the German CCC.
    Contains a lot of talks (mostly in German) held on events from the CCC as well as other stuff.

  • ifarchive
    A slightly outdated mirror of Scripts should probably be written to update the archive regularly.

  • A large (over 50TB of data) collection of DataLad (git-annex) datasets, providing access primarily to public neural data resources. Organized via git submodule mechanism. Although underlying repositories are pure git/git-annex repositories, use of datalad tool is advised for more functionality (search, recursive operation, etc). It is regularly updated and enriched.

This is a wiki -- add your own public repository to the list! See centralized git repository tutorial.