wishlist: an "assistant" for web-browsing -- tracking the sources of the downloads suggests using git-annex as a tool to store downloads tied to their URLs. This also enables people to have their files stored offline, while being able to git annex drop them at any time and redownload them with git annex get. Additionally, a clone of the repo can be used to download whatever files are desired from online.

This tip explains how to implement a similar system to the one described in the linked wishlist with existing software and features of git-annex.

The first step is to install the Firefox plugin FlashGot. We will use it to provide the Firefox shortcuts to add things to our annex.

Once we have installed all that, we need a script that has an interface which FlashGot can treat as a downloader, but which calls git-annex to do the actual downloading. Such a script is available from https://gist.github.com/andyg0808/5342434. Download it and store it somewhere it can live, or cut and paste:

# $1=folder to cd to (must be a git annex repo)
# $2=URL to download

cd "$1"
git-annex addurl "$2"

Finally, we need to configure FlashGot to use the script as a downloader. Go to Tools > Add-ons in Firefox. Click "Preferences" on FlashGot. Click the Add button next to the list of download managers. Enter a name for the git-annex downloader. Choose the script that was downloaded from the "Locate executable file" dialog that appears. Now set the command line arguments template to be "[FOLDER] [URL]" (you can find more substitution expressions in the Placeholders dropdown above the Command line arguments template field). You're done!

Go ahead and test it by trying to download a file using FlashGot. It should offer as one of its available download managers the new manager you created just above. Select it and have fun!