I'm using git-annex 5.20150205-gbf9058a and just used the WebApp to create a new remote SSH repo, and thought I'd try the encrypted option.

It give me three GPG keys to choose from (all valid keys) but only displayed the email addresses which were all identical so I couldn't tell which was which.

I then clicked the first key selection button, hoping it would display more info but it seemed to start doing things immediately. It requested the GPG passphrase which I cancelled but it was still doing things, and worse it wasn't clear what state the repo was in (encrypted or not), so I deleted it and started again (it's fine now).

The passphrase dialog box does display the key fingerprint, but it's then too late to alter the key selection.

Request: Could the WebApp always display the fingerprint after the email address?

Some clarity on what happens when you cancel would be nice too.

Thanks Giovanni