Download speed is displayed in bytes/second, but in some situations, it would be better to use bits/second, eg Mbps and Kbps rather than MiB/s and KiB/s.

I noticed this now that I have an internet connection that is capable of 150-200 Mbps, but varies widely (satellite). While I could think of that as 19-25 MiB/s those are less round numbers and harder to remember and match up with the other bandwidth displays.

This might make sense as a per-remote configurable value. Allowing using MiB/s for a hard drive and Mbps for a network remote. --Joey

I've implemented bandwidthUnits now, but it's not used for display yet. It is possible to specify such units in eg annex.stalldetection now. Note that it uses Mbit, not Mb because that is just confusingly close to "MB" and git-annex parses data units case insensitively. So the actual display will end up being "Mbit/s" rather than Mbps probably. --Joey