I try to use git annex, but I frequently don't know if I'm doing things correctly, and my files are getting messed up.

An expert guide to the full workflow would go a long way toward user-friendliness for me. The walkthrough currently has guides to a number discrete items in the workflow, but it doesn't give me a clear sense of the process.

I'm always confused about when I'm supposed to be using pure git commands and when they should be git annex commands, when to commit, add, and sync --content, and when each of these is redundant.

If possible, most helpful would be a guide to how you imagine the workflow from the beginning and including each step of the process, in the order you'd do it.

I want to start keeping track of some files I have in a directory I want to copy them to a second computer. From a third place, I want to get them from the second computer. I change the files on one computer, and I want to make sure the changes get synced to the others. What are the commands you'd run at each step?

Many thanks.