This would be like enabling the annex.tune.objecthashlower=true tuning when creating a repository, but could be done after the fact, eg when a user needs to clone an existing reppsitory to a filesystem that has problems with mixed case hash directories.

The adusted branch would simply convert annex links to use lower-case hashing, which is easy. But it would also need to enable storing new object files in lower-case hash directories, and move any currently stored object files to those directories.

How to handle a git checkout master then? None of the annex links in master would work. Normally the user can leave an adjusted branch that way, but if they wanted to leave this one, there would have to be a command to move everything back.

Note that, annexLocationsNonBare does fall back to looking for hashDirLower, so getting files from a repository with this enabled to another repository should work ok. --Joey