Add a git annex hide $file that behaves like drop, checking counter info and updating location log to say the current repo no longer has a file -- but does not actually remove the content.

Then git annex unused can be used to clean it up later. And in the meantime, it's still locally accessible. This can be useful if you're planning to need to free up space later, but want to hold onto the content for a while. Possibly you'll be disconnected later, so it's easier to push out that intent now.



  • Make 100% sure this is safe. Drop, etc should never check content files are present on other repos if the location log doesn't say the repo has the content.

  • What will git annex get do if it's asked to get a file that has been hidden?

Unless I am missing something: Make sure the data is correct (for SHA1 or other tracking) and restore locally. If that's not the case, delete and restore from remote. -- RichiH

Is 'unused' a good name? 'clean' and 'autoclean' would make more sense, imo. 'clean' deletes everything, whereas an optional 'autoclean' could try to be smart based on disk usage and/or SHA1, etc. -- RichiH

Nah, git annex unused/dropunused already exist. --Joey

OK, in that case forget what I said. No idea about your internal policy, but feel free to delete this part of the page, then. -- RichiH