This is the git-annex wiki page for the user jkniiv aka. Jarkko Kniivilä.

I'm a gen-X Windows/Linux geek from Hämeenlinna, Finland (the EU), who has been using git-annex on and off for a few years now but only since late 2019 or so in earnest. I finally found a use case with managing the relatively huge files that are the backup images of my laptops. I also tend to add whole external hdds into their respective annexes (with an annex.largefiles setting at 1 megabytes) then cloning those to my laptops secondary drive E: (on an ssd) without getting the annex objects and thus keeping a rudimentary catalog of my offline files always at hand.

In a past life I used to be a systems specialist (Linux servers and FOSS) for an internet consultancy.