Turns out that in the last release I broke making box.com, Amazon S3 and Glacier remotes from the webapp. Fixed that.

Also, dealt with changes in the haskell DAV library that broke support for box.com, and worked around an exception handling bug in the library.

I think I should try to enhance the test suite so it can run live tests on special remotes, which would at least have caught the some of these recent problems...

Since metadata is tied to a particular key, editing an annexed file, which causes the key to change, made the metadata seem to get lost.

I've now fixed this; it copies the metadata from the old version to the new one. (Taking care to copy the log file identically, so git can reuse its blob.)

That meant that git annex add has to check every file it adds to see if there's an old version. Happily, that check is fairly fast; I benchmarked my laptop running 2500 such checks a second. So it's not going to slow things down appreciably.