Preparing for a release (probably tomorrow or Friday).

Part of that was updating the autobuilders. Had to deal with the gnutls security hole fix, and upgrading that on the OSX autobuilder turned out to be quite complicated due to library version skew. Also, I switched the linux autobuilders over to building from Debian unstable, rather than stable. That should be ok to do now that the standalone build bundles all the libraries it needs... And the arm build has always used unstable, and has been reported working on a lot of systems. So I think this will be safe, but have backed up the old autobuilder chroots just in case.

Also been catching up on bug reports and traffic and and dealt with quite a lot of things today. Smarter log file rotation for the assistant, better webapp behavior when git is not installed, and a fix for the webdav 5 second timeout problem.

Perhaps the most interesting change is a new annex.startupscan setting, which can be disabled to prevent the assistant from doing the expensive startup scan. This means it misses noticing any files that changed since it last run, but this should be useful for those really big repositories.

(Last night, did more work on the test suite, including even more checking of merge conflict resolution.)

Today's work was sponsored by Michael Alan Dorman.