Well, not the literal last push, but I've caught up on as much backlog as I can (142 messages remain) and spent today developing a few final features before tomorrow's release.

Some of the newer things displayed by git annex info were not included in the --json mode output. The json includes everything now.

git annex sync --all --content will make it consider all known annexed objects, not only those in the current work tree. By default that syncs all versions of all files, but of course preferred content can tune what repositories want.

To make that work well with preferred content settings like "include=*.mp3", it makes two passes. The first pass is over the work tree, so preferred content expressions that match files by name will work. The second pass is over all known keys, and preferred content expressions that don't care about the filename can match those keys.

Two passes feels a bit like a hack, but it's a lot better than --all making nothing be synced when the a preferred content expression matches against filenames... I actually had to resort to bloom filters to make the two passes work.

This new feature led to some slightly tricky follow-on changes to the standard groups preferred content expressions.