The webapp now fully handles repairing damage to the repository.

Along with all the git repository repair stuff already built, I added additional repairs of the git-annex branch and git-annex's index file. That was pretty easy actually, since git-annex already handles merging git-annex branches that can sometimes be quite out of date. So when git repo repair has to throw away recent changes to the git-annex branch, it just effectively becomes out of date. Added a git annex fsck --fast run to ensure that the git-annex branch reflects the current state of the repository.

When the webapp runs a repair, it first stops the assistant from committing new files. Once the repair is done, that's started back up, and it runs a startup scan, which is just what is needed in this sitation; it will add any new files, as well as any old files that the git repository damange caused to be removed from the index.

Also made git annex repair run the git repository repair code, for those with a more command-line bent. It can be used in non-git-annex repos too!

So, I'm nearly ready to wrap up working on disaster recovery. Lots has been accomplished this month. And I have put off making a release for entirely too long!

The big missing piece is repair of git remotes located on removable drive. I may make a release before adding that, but removable drives are probably where git repository corruption is most likely to occur, so I certainly need to add that.

Today's work was sponsored by Scott Robinson.