One of my goals for this month is to get a better sense of how git-annex is being used, how it's working out for people, and what areas need to be concentrated on. To start on that, I am doing the 2013 git-annex user survey, similar to the git user surveys. I will be adding some less general polls later (suggestions for topics appreciated!), but you can go vote in any or all of 10 polls now.

Found a workaround for yesterday's Windows build problem. Seems that only cabal runs gcc in a way that fails, so ghc --make builds is successfully. However, the watcher doesn't quite work on Windows. It does get events when files are created, but it seems to then hang before it can add the file to git, or indeed finish printing out a debug log message about the event. This looks like it could be a problem with the threaded ghc runtime on Windows, or something like that.

Main work today was improving the git repository repair to handle corrupt index files. The assistant can now start up, detect that the index file is corrupt, and regenerate it all automatically.