Not a lot of coding the past few days, but a lot of skull sweat!

I've been working through the design for the import tree feature, and I think I finally have a design that I'm happy with. There were some very challenging race conditions, and so import tree may only be safely able to be implemented for a few remotes; S3 (with versioning enabled), directory, maybe webdav and I hope adb. Work on this included finding equivilant race conditions in git's update of the worktree, which do turn out to exist if you go looking, but have much narrower time windows there.

And I'll be running a tutorial for people who want to learn about git-annex internals at the code level, to start development or be better able to design their own features. That's in Montreal, March 26th-27th (8 hours total), hosted at McGill university. There may be one or two seats left, so if you are interested in attending, please get in touch with me by email. Haskell is not a prerequisite.