Got the arm webapp to build! (I have not tried to run it.) The build process for this is quite elaborate; 2 chroots, one amd64 and one armel, with the same versions of everything installed in each, and git-annex is built in the first to get the info the EvilSplicer needs to build it in the second.

Fixed a nasty bug in the assistant on OSX, where at startup it would follow symlinks in the repository that pointed to directories outside the repository, and add the files found there. Didn't cause data loss itself (in direct mode the assistant doesn't touch the files), but certainly confusingly breaks things and makes it easy to shoot your foot off. I will be moving up the next scheduled release because of this bug, probably to Saturday.

Looped the git developers in on a problem with git failing on some kernels due to RLIMIT_NOFILE not working. Looks like git will get more robust and this should make the armel build work on even more embedded devices.

Today's work was sponsored by Johan Herland.