Worked on bug report and forum backlog (24 messages left), and made a few bug fixes. The main one was a fix for a Windows-specific direct mode merge bug.

This month didn't go entirely to plan. I had not expected to work on the Windows assistant and webapp and get it so close to fully working. Nor had I expected to spend time and make significant progress on porting git-annex to Linux -- particularly to embedded NAS devices! I had hoped to encourage some others to develop git-annex, but only had one bite from a student and it didn't work out. Meanwhile, automatically rewarding committers with bitcoin is an interesting alternative approach to possibly motivating contributors, and I would like to set that up, but the software is new and I haven't had time yet. The only thing that went exactly as planned was the external special remote implementation.

A special surprise this month is that I have started hearing privately from several institutions that are starting using git-annex in interesting ways. Hope I can share details of some of that 2014!