Pushed a release today. Rest of day spent beating head against Windows XMPP brick wall.

Actually made a lot of progress -- Finally found the right approach, and got a clean build of the XMPP haskell libraries. But.. ghc fails to load the libraries when running Template Haskell. "Misaligned section: 18206e5b". Filed a bug report, and I'm sure this alignment problem can be fixed, but I'm not hopeful about fixing it myself.

One workaround would be to use the EvilSplicer, building once without the XMPP library linked in, to get the TH splices expanded, and then a second time with the XMPP library and no TH. Made a winsplicehack branch with tons of ifdefs that allows doing this. However, several dozen haskell libraries would need to be patched to get it to work. I have the patches from Android, but would rather avoid doing all that again on Windows.

Another workaround would be to move XMPP into a separate process from the webapp. This is not very appealing either, the IPC between them would be fairly complicated since the webapp does stuff like show lists of XMPP buddies, etc. But, one thing this idea has to recommend it is I am already considering using a separate helper daemon like this for Telehash.

So there could be synergies between XMPP and Telehash support, possibly leading to some kind of plugin interface in git-annex for this sort of thing. But then, once Telehash or something like it is available and working well, I plan to deprecate XMPP entirely. It's been a flakey pain from the start, so that can't come too soon.