Often you will want to move some file contents from a repository to some other one. For example, your laptop's disk is getting full; time to move some files to an external disk before moving another file from a file server to your laptop. Doing that by hand (by using git annex get and git annex drop) is possible, but a bit of a pain. git annex move makes it very easy.

$ git annex move my_cool_big_file --to usbdrive
move my_cool_big_file (to usbdrive...) ok
$ git annex move video/hackity_hack_and_kaxxt.mov --from fileserver
move video/hackity_hack_and_kaxxt.mov (from fileserver...)
SHA256-s86050597--6ae2688bc533437766a48aa19f2c06be14d1bab9c70b468af445d4f07b65f41e   100%   82MB 199.1KB/s   07:02