Please describe the problem.

enableremote gives this weird error when trying to change settings on the s3 remote:

$ git annex enableremote s3
enableremote s3
git-annex: .git/annex/creds/SOME-LONG-HASH-I-AM-NOT-SURE-SHOULD-BE-PUBLIC: openFile: resource exhausted (Resource temporarily unavailable)
git-annex: enableremote: 1 failed

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Unclear. I tried to update to the latest neurodebian packages to make use of the new public Amazon S3 remote but it seems something is going wrong here.

The git-annex repository is on a "persistent amazon volume" (EBS, presumably?) so there may be something fishy with the filesystem there...

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

5.20150610+gitg608172f-1~ndall+1 on Ubuntu precise, in amazon EC2. --anarcat

A workaround is to run this on a different machine. I suspect some amazon foul play at hand... so this could be invalid. :(