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Git annex assistant on Windows 7 won't handle files with 2 dots in the filename

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Create a file like "3.2 Restriction et projection.mp4" which is in a directory synced by Assistant.

The file is unmanaged.

Renaming it to "3-2 Restriction et projection.mp4", and there it goes : synced with the remote repo.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

Latext git-annex on Win 7

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# If you can, paste a complete transcript of the problem occurring here.
# If the problem is with the git-annex assistant, paste in .git/annex/daemon.log

# End of transcript or log.

Have you had any luck using git-annex before? (Sometimes we get tired of reading bug reports all day and a lil' positive end note does wonders)