Just starting using v3, even more awesome, thanks!

With git-annex, I take the habit to do copies of files without restriction, as they end up into (cheap) symlink copies. However, if 2 copies are unannexed, only one is restored, the other becomes a broken symlink, so I kind of loose some information (my use case: I have a repo on which I recently started using annex, but most of the files, which i would want to be annexed, are only in git, so my plan is to unninit this repo, delete the .git dir, and then annex everything, as I don't mind the history).


The only way for git-annex to support this in its current state would be for the unannex command to copy the file content from the annex, rather than moving it out. Then multiple links to the same content could be unannexed.

But, this would be slower, and would depend on a later unused and dropunused to actually remove the content. While doable, by use case for unannex is more to quickly undo a mistaken add, and it's unlikely there are multiple symlinks to the same content in this situation. --Joey