The assistant does not allow adding an existing repo: I tried to add a "remote server", to enter the credits, and then I add to choose between "git-annex" or "rsync". Choosing "git-annex" tries to create a new repo and then fails. The repo on the server is a bare one, accessed via gitolite. Setting the remote manually ("git remote add origin" works (I can pull, push, ...))

Mac OS 10.7 version 2013-09-10

[2013-09-13 17:00:55 CEST] chat: ssh ["-p","22","","sh -c 'mkdir -p '\"'\"'my-annex.git'\"'\"'&&cd '\"'\"'my-annex.git'\"'\"'&&if [ ! -d .git ]; then git init --bare --shared; fi&&git annex init'"]