trying to manage my collection of digital music files using git-annex. The collection (113 gigs of flac files ripped from my CDs) should be stored on my three different machines and updated on all of them, if I add or change a file on only one of the machines.

Please describe the problem.

Added a new external USB disk for sneaker transfer via web app, yesterday.

Now for no apparent reason, after startup/login, git-annex would start and quickly suck up all available RAM. This is on a fairly well equipped machine (16G physical RAM, i5-2400), yet "top" tells me that there is one git process that sucks up more than 20G and climbing. It looked like this:

git --git-dir=/home/user/Sync/Audio/.git --work-tree=/home/user/Sync/Audio -c core.bare=false log refs/heads git-annex..13d365f16ffdb5a393f66362b840d3f21bb4c59c --oneline -n1

The computer then slows down, grinds to halt, becomes unresponsive and it's difficult to even login on the console.

Then, the OOM killer kicks in and kicks the git process, but git-annex quickly starts another which does the same.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

I don't know what caused it. The symptoms remained after a reboot, "git annex watch --stop" didn't help either, since I'm a dumb web app user, I'm not sure if that's the right command to use anyway.

For now, I have removed git-annex from the system.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

Last installed version: git-annex 5.20140127.1 on Ubuntu 13.10, amd64.

Please provide any additional information below.

I'm fairly unsure where to look for the cause and what logs to provide you with to help fix this. Just guessing that it could be a symptom, but the daemon.log is full of entries like this:

# If you can, paste a complete transcript of the problem occurring here.
# If the problem is with the git-annex assistant, paste in .git/annex/daemon.log

("race detected",ca2cbdb84bcbd4aab895284b16fc72f693fbba90,[4a2e7c1d7d286a4da9e816b20368ce2f9b4177c4],"committing",(ca2cbdb84bcbd4aab895284b16fc72f693fbba90,[ca2cbdb84bcbd4aab895284b16fc72f693fbba90]))
(Recording state in git...)
("race detected",28c835634e65ced0e532c1a0e4f34dd0344193bc,[19597be0f49fb859fafa51e006459d5a95e3d005],"committing",(28c835634e65ced0e532c1a0e4f34dd0344193bc,[28c835634e65ced0e532c1a0e4f34dd0344193bc]))
(Recording state in git...)
("race detected",1f2b06c7001be38bd9595eb2205c91454597edaa,[398660279436246a698d6bd55eb06998999ed64f],"committing",(1f2b06c7001be38bd9595eb2205c91454597edaa,[1f2b06c7001be38bd9595eb2205c91454597edaa]))
(Recording state in git...)
("race detected",4c1510c3db41ff400526d5753c03bddc48f5c37e,[1989177cf24ec9151058ed99f05117e48c239001],"committing",(4c1510c3db41ff400526d5753c03bddc48f5c37e,[4c1510c3db41ff400526d5753c03bddc48f5c37e]))
(Recording state in git...)
("race detected",b82f41fcbf24c43fe9f1f9d6fb54ba5ef9ff8de0,[799e4434447b18be63bd097120e1fbf56eac48ce],"committing",(b82f41fcbf24c43fe9f1f9d6fb54ba5ef9ff8de0,[b82f41fcbf24c43fe9f1f9d6fb54ba5ef9ff8de0]))
(Recording state in git...)

# End of transcript or log.