I have a git repository with a webdav annex remote. I have used this remote to store a few large files, and transfer them to other computers.

I have done this on three Linux computers on different networks, and it works beautifully! Truly a life-saver!

However, I today tried setting up a macOS computer, and

git annex copy --from=myremote

fails with the simple error message "failed". It downloads about ten megabytes without issue before failing. It then continues with the next file and again downloads a bit (ca. 10 Mb), then fails. The JSON error message has an empty error message field, and the JSON progress messages only contain business-as-usual before the error.

On the computer that has this problem, I am running macOS 10.15.2 and git-annex 7.20191230.

I tried WiFi and wired network connections, which doesn't make a difference. The hard drive has enough space for the files. I tried manually selecting various annexed files, but all fail after 10 Mb.

The same command worked on the linux boxes I set up a few days ago.

The problem really is that I am getting no meaningful error message for triaging this problem.

Any help would be appreciated!