Please describe the problem.

When git annex is used on a encfs mount, .fuse_hiddenXXXX files are left behind in .git/annex/objects/*/*/ when I git annex move files off the encfs

What steps will reproduce the problem?

mkdir normal plain enc
encfs -o kernel_cache "$(realpath enc)" "$(realpath plain)"

cd normal
git init
git annex init normal

cd ../plain
git init
git annex init enc
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1M count=11 of=11m
git annex add 11m
git remote add normal "$(realpath ../normal)"
du -hscL *
    << 11MB-ish >>
du -hsc .git/annex/objects
    << 11MB-ish >>
git annex move --to=normal 11m
du -hscL *
    << 0 >>
du -hsc .git/annex/objects
    << 11MB-ish but should be 0-ish >>
tree -a .git/annex/objects
    << ??/??/SHA1-*/.fuse_hidden??????? >>
lsof .git/annex/objects/??/??/SHA*/.fuse_hidden*
    << shows no programs have this file open >>

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

5.20131221 on debian unstable (installed by aptitude from debian/main)

Please provide any additional information below.

I did a couple quick internet searches on these .fuse_hidden files, and (if a random person on the internet is correct) they are created by enfs (or maybe fuse itself) when a file is unlinked while open. It is supposed to be deleted when the file is closed.

Possibilities come to mind:

  • There's a bug in encfs/fuse
  • git annex fails to close the file, and whatever cleanup happens when the linux kernel closes git annex fails to trigger encfs/fuse's real unlinking/cleanup thing

I'm happy to help with further testing, experimenting, etc. I'm good at git, the commandline, programming, etc but I don't know Haskell.