Not doing significant coding here at LCA2013, but stuff is still happening:

  • I'll be giving a talk and demo of git-annex and the assistant tomorrow. Right after a keynote by Tim Berners-Lee! There's no streaming, but a recording will be available later.
  • I've met numerous git-annex users and git-annex curious folk from down under.
  • I had a suggestion that direct mode rename the .git directory to something else, to prevent foot-shooting git commands being used. A wrapper around git could be used to run git commands, and limit to safe ones. Under consideration.
  • I finally updated the OSX 10.8.2 build to last week's release. Been having some problems with the autobuilder, but it finally spat out a build. Hopefully this build is good, and it should fix the javascript issues with Safari and the webapp.
  • Ulrik Sverdrup has written, which allows using gpg encrypted ssh remotes with git. The same idea could be expanded to other types of remotes, like S3. I'm excited about adding encrypted git remote support to the assistant!