Well, it's built. Real Android app for git-annex.

When installed, this will open a terminal in which you have access to git-annex and all the git commands and busybox commands as well. No webapp yet, but command line users should feel right at home.


Please test it out, at least as far as installing it, opening the terminal, and checking that you can run git annex; I've only been able to test on one Android device so far. I'm especially keen to know if it works with newer versions of Android than 4.0.3. (I know it only supports arm based Android, no x86 etc.) Please comment if you tried it.

Building this went mostly as planned, although I had about 12 builds of the app in the middle which crashed on startup with no error message ora logs. Still, it took only one day to put it all together, and I even had time to gimp up a quick icon. (Better icons welcome.)

Kevin thinks that my space-saving hack won't work on all Androiden, and he may be right. If the lib directory is on a different filesystem on some devices, it will fail. But I used it for now anyhow. Thanks to the hack, the 7.8 mb compressed .apk file installs to use around 23 mb of disk space.

Tomorrow: Why does git-annex assistant on Android re-add all existing files on startup?