Built a feature for power users today. annex.largefiles can be configured to specify what files git annex add and the assistant should put into the annex. It uses the same syntax as preferred content, so arbitrarily complex expressions can be built.

For example, a game written in C with some large data files could include only 100kb or larger files, that are not C code:

annex.largefiles = largerthan=100kb and not (include=*.c or include=*.h) 

The assistant will commit small files to git directly! git annex add, being a lower level tool, skips small files and leaves it up to you to git add them as desired.

It's even possible to tell the assistant that no file is too large to be committed directly to git. git config annex.largefiles 'exclude=*' The result should be much like using SparkleShare or dvcs-autosync.

Also today, made the remote ssh server checking code in the webapp deal with servers where the default shell is csh or some other non-POSIX shell.