There's a new page Android that documents using git-annex on Android in detail.

The Android app now opens the webapp when a terminal window is opened. This is good enough for trying it out easily, but far from ideal.

Fixed an EvilSplicer bug that corrupted newlines in the static files served by the webapp. Now the icons in the webapp display properly, and the javascript works.

Made the startup screen default to /sdcard/annex for the repository location, and also have a button to set up a camera repository. The camera repository is put in the "source" preferred content group, so it will only hang onto photos and videos until they're uploaded off the Android device.

Quite a lot of other small fixes on Android. At this point I've tested the following works:

  • Starting webapp.
  • Making a repository, adding files.
  • All the basic webapp UI.

However, I was not able to add any remote repository using only the webapp, due to some more problems with the network stack.

  • Jabber and Webdav don't quite work ("getProtocolByname: does not exist (no such protocol name: tcp)").
  • SSH server fails. ("Network/Socket/Types.hsc:(881,3)-(897,61): Non-exhaustive patterns in case") I suspect it will work if I disable the DNS expansion code.

So, that's the next thing that needs to be tackled.

If you'd like to play with it in its current state, I've updated the Android builds to incorporate all my work so far.