Got caught up on a big queue of messages today. Mostly I hear from people when git-annex is not working for them, or they have a question about using it. From time to time someone does mention that it's working for them.

We have 4 or so machines all synching with each other via the local network thing. I'm always amazed when it doesn't just explode :)

Due to the nature of git-annex, a lot of people can be using it without anyone knowing about it. Which is great. But these little success stories can make all the difference. It motivates me to keep pounding out the development hours, it encourages other people to try it, and it'd be a good thing to be able to point at if I tried to raise more funding now that I'm out of Kickstarter money.

I'm posting my own success story to my main blog: git annex and my mom

If you have a success story to share, why not blog about it, microblog it, or just post a comment here, or even send me a private message. Just a quick note is fine. Thanks!

Going through the bug reports and questions today, I ended up fixing three separate bugs that could break setting up a repo on a remote ssh server from the webapp.

Also developed a minimal test case for some gnucash behavior that prevents the watcher from seeing files it writes out. I understand the problem, but don't have a fix for that yet. Will have to think about it. (A year ago today, my blog featured the first release of the watcher.)