Things that don't fit anywhere else:

  • Automatically start daemon on boot or when user logs in, using freedesktop autostart file. done
  • Somehow get content that is unavailable. This is problematic with inotify, since we only get an event once the user has tried (and failed) to read from the file. This is only needed if all the files in the directory are not kept synced, but in some situations (ie, low disk space phones), that is likely.
  • Drop files that have not been used lately, or meet some other criteria (as long as there's a copy elsewhere). done (via preferred content; eg archive directories)
  • Perhaps automatically dropunused files that have been deleted, although I cannot see a way to do that, since by the time the inotify deletion event arrives, the file is deleted, and we cannot see what its symlink pointed to! Alternatively, perhaps automatically do an expensive unused/dropunused cleanup process.