My goal for this month is to get more people using the git-annex assistant, and fix issues that might be blocking you from using it. To do this, I'd like to get an idea about whether you're already using it, or what's keeping you from using it.

If you use git-annex at the command line and have no reason to use the assistant, please instead fill in this poll on behalf of less technically adept friends or family -- what's preventing you from introducing them to the assistant?

I'm using the assistant! (3%)

I need a Windows port (12%)

I need an Android port (13%)

I need an IPhone port (not holding my breath) (1%)

Well, it's still in beta... (0%)

I want to, but have not had the time to try it (4%)

Just inertia. I've got this dropbox/whatever that already works.. (2%)

It's too hard to install (please say why in comments) (1%)

Perceived recent increase of bug reports and thus sitting it out. (0%)

Initially the lack of direct-mode. Now concerns about the safety of direct mode. Perhaps after the next release. (11%)

I haven't always well understood the differences between commandline operation & the assistant, so the differences would confuse me, and I found the command line more understandable & less scary. Now trying to learn to like & trust the assistant. :) (4%)

An Ubuntu PPA would be supercool! Thanks for your great work!! (9%)

Not yet in Debian sid amd64 (8%)

Waiting for Fedora/CentOS rpm repository. (2%)

throttling transfers, it upsets people when I saturate the connection (0%)

partial content (0%)

Not yet available in macports (0%)

No build yet for Nokia N9 (1%)

Using only git-annex webapp to config does not seem to work: Create walkthough? (1%)

No build for OSX 10.6 (2%)

Needs more focus on the UI. (2%)

Just inertia. I don't have a Dropbox/whatever. (0%)

Replaces files with a symlink mess. (1%)

configurable option to only annex files meeting certian size or filename criteria (0%)

I'm really confused about how to make it sync with a remote NON-bare repository. I'm even afraid to try `git remote add`, since there is no clear method to completely forget a git-annex remote... (1%)

A build for te raspberry pi would be supercol! (2%)

Would be nice to exclude subfolders from the gui or through a config file (0%)

I wish I had transparently encrypted git repos in the cloud available, like jgit. (0%)

too many inodes used in direct mode. maybe it's possible to keep more info as git objects instead? (0%)

I need to be able to restrict in which repo dirs changes get auto-committed (0%)

Provide .deb package (0%)

Better documentation/walkthroughs on using git-annex within an existing git repo. AKA mixed use (0%)

Union mounts to have a single view of file collection on the network (0%)

Ubuntu PPA does not build with webapp (0%)

I set it up, but am confused about what I set up! It would be great to be able to start from scratch. (0%)

I need to be able to restrict in which repo dirs changes get auto-committed using a syntax similar to gitignore (0%)

Total votes: 221

Feel free to write in your own reasons, or add a comment to give me more info.

Note: Poll is now closed. Nearly all these issues have been dealt with. Please file bug reports if any of these issues still affect you.