Sometimes you don't notice something is missing for a long time until it suddenly demands attention. Like today.

Seems the webapp never had a way to stop using XMPP and delete the XMPP password. So I added one.

The new support for instantly noticing changes on a ssh remote forgot to start up a connection to a new remote after it was created. Fixed that.

(While doing some testing on Android for unrelated reasons, I noticed that my android tablet was pushing photos to a ssh server and my laptop immediately noticed and downloaded them from tere, which is an excellent demo. I will deploy this on my trip in Brazil next week. Yes, I'm spending 2 weeks in Brazil with git-annex users; more on this later.)

Finally, it turns out that "installing" git-annex from the standalone tarball, or DMG, on a server didn't make it usable by the webapp. Because git-annex shell is not in PATH on the server, and indeed git and rsync may not be in PATH either if they were installed with the git-annex bundle. Fixed this by making the bundle install a ~/.ssh/git-annex-wrapper, which the webapp will detect and use.

Also, quite a lot of other bug chasing activity.

Today's work was sponsored by Thomas Koch.