After making a release yesterday, I've been fixing some bugs in the webapp, all to do with repository configuration stored on the git-annex branch. I was led into this by a strange little bug where the webapp stored configuration in the wrong repo in one situation. From there, I noticed that often when enabling an existing repository, the webapp would stomp on its group and preferred content and description, replacing them with defaults.

This was a systematic problem, it had to be fixed in several places. And some of the fixes were quite tricky. For example, when adding a ssh repository, and it turns out there's already a git-annex repository at the entered location, it needs to avoid changing its configuration. But also, the configuration of that repo won't be known until after the first git pull from it. So it doesn't make sense to show the repository edit form after enabling such a repository.

Also worked on a couple other bugs, and further cleaned up the bugs page. I think I am finally happy with how the bug list is displayed, with confirmed/moreinfo/etc tags.

Today's work was sponsored by Fran├žois Deppierraz.