Finished moving the Android autobuilder over to the new clean build environment. Tested the Android app, and it still works. Whew!

There's a small chance that the issue with the Android app not working on Android 4.3 has been fixed by this rebuild. I doubt it, but perhaps someone can download the daily build and give it another try..

I have 7 days left in which I'd like to get remote gcrypt repositories working in the assistant. I think that should be fairly easy, but a prerequisite for it is making git-annex-shell support being run on a gcrypt repository. That's needed so that the assistant's normal locked down ssh key setup can also be used for gcrypt repositories.

At the same time, not all gcrypt endpoints will have git-annex-shell installed, and it seems to make sense to leave in the existing support for running raw rsync and git push commands against such a repository. So that's going to add some complication.

It will also complicate git-annex-shell to support gcrypt repos. Basically, everything it does in git-annex repos will need to be reimplemented in gcrypt repositories. Generally in a more simple form; for example it doesn't need to (and can't) update location logs in a gcrypt repo.

I also need to find a good UI to present the three available choices (unencrypted git, encrypted git, encrypted rsync) when setting up a repo on a ssh server. I don't want to just remove the encrypted rsync option, because it's useful when using xmpp to sync the git repo, and is simpler to set up since it uses shared encryption rather than gpg public keys.

My current thought is to offer just 2 choices, encrypted and non-encrypted. If they choose encrypted, offer a choice of shared encryption or encrypting to a specific key. I think I can word this so it's pretty clear what the tradeoffs are.