Made a release yesterday, and caught up on most recent messages earlier this week. Backlog stands at 128 messages.

Had to deal with an ugly problem with /usr/bin/glacier today. Seems that there are multiple programs all using that name, some of them shipping in some linux distributions, and the one from boto fails to fail when passed parameters it doesn't understand. Yugh! I had to make git-annex probe to make sure the right glacier program is installed.

I'm planning to deprecate the glacier special remote at some point. Instead, I'd like to make the S3 special remote support the S3-glacier lifecycle, so objects can be uploaded to S3, set to transition to glacier, and then if necessary pulled back from glacier to S3. That should be much simpler and less prone to break.

But not yet; haskell-aws needs glacier support added. Or I could use the new amazonka library, but I'd rather stick with haskell-aws.

Some other minor improvements today included adding git annex groupwanted, which makes for easier examples than using vicfg, and making git annex import support options like --include and --exclude.

Also I moved a many file matching options to only be accepted by the commands that actually use them. Of the remaining common options, most of them make sense for every command to accept (eg, --force and --debug). It would make sense to move --backend, --notify-start/finish, and perhaps --user-agent. Eventually.